The video intercom connected with the simplicity of a traditional 2-wire system

With the new 6700 video intercom you can control access to your home and manage all functions conveniently via the app.

You will be able to answer calls even when you are not at home, consult the call log, open the gate, turn on the stair lights and control all the other functions you have available in the 6700 video intercom to always stay connected with your home.


The new 6700 smart video intercom with VX2300 technology offers you all the comfort of remote control thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and it can be installed in a traditional 2-wire system.

Thanks to the connection of the video intercom to the local network, the integration is unrestricted with third-party systems, such as CCTV, home automation and security.


The new 6700 is much more than a video intercom: thanks to the integrated temperature and humidity sensor, it transforms into a smart programmable thermostat to control the temperature of your environment directly from the monitor or remotely via the free downloadable Videx App.

The large display with full-touch function makes the monitor an easy to navigate tool and a device that, by implementing home automation, security and CCTV functions, becomes a control panel for all systems.

Always stay in touch with your home with the new 6700 series smart video intercom