Absolute integration with Ipure

The first interoperable video intercom system without limitations

Nowadays in most homes, offices and industries there are multiple systems installed and it is only through the integration between these that it is possible to take advantage of the most advanced technologies, such as automating functions or enhancing security.

For this reason, open protocol devices and technologies are needed. For video intercoms, you can count on IPure, the first native IP system made in Italy, fully interoperable with third-party systems without limitations.


With IPure you have a scalable system, with no distance limits, and the most advanced features to meet any installation need and achieve maximum integration.

The main protocols most commonly used to integrate different devices and systems and allow them to communicate with each other are implemented as standard in all IPure devices: http, SIP, RTSP.

Thanks to this, the applications of the IPure video intercom system range from residential, such as large state-of-the-art buildings or significant condominiums, to industrial and tertiary structures.


A few examples?

IPure is the solution for hotel facilities and industrial plants, it is suitable for installations in detention facilities, parking spaces, large photovoltaic plants, tunnels and other road applications.


IPure is also the first plug & play video intercom system in FTTH network infrastructures for creating multiservice systems, without having to use conversion devices or other accessories.


The result is always unlimited system solutions and maximum performance thanks to the complete integration without limitations.