Videx: professional video intercom
that can be integrated with third-party systems and is 100% made in Italy


Video intercom systems are part of the Italian culture. Through the decades, worldwide, there is no apartment, villa or building that does not consider the video intercom system as a must-have.

Intercommunication, main and secondary entrances, are just few examples of the most common requests that are typical in door-entry applications. At Videx, we are very aware of these and other needs; we know what users want and what professionals in the sector need because we have been producing video intercoms for over 35 years.

And because we’re Italian.

What you will discover is the result of a long, specialized industrial experience based on video intercoms designed to meet the needs of the most demanding and sophisticated professionals worldwide. Performance like only a specialist can ensure, consistent and reliable: this is Videx.

Edoardo Maracantoni – Executive Manager Videx Electronics S.p.A.

Go for Videx!

Fully owned technology and intellectual property
Qualified distribution to protect the entire supply chain, no do-it-yourself – no private parties
Open systems for total integration with third party systems and the creation of customized solutions
High performance, advanced systems suitable for the needs of professional installers and system integrators
No licensing restrictions: Videx Cloud and Videx App completely free
Continuity and durability of systems, immediate assistance and proximity to the customer
Extreme specialisation and focus combined with the Made in Italy prestige
Customised approach for solutions and special requests

Professional, specialised video intercom solutions
with a durability and assistance guarantee.


The door-entry market is nowadays crowded with brands with no in-depth understanding of the typical use cases and needs. Their core business does not really involve video intercoms and they cannot guarantee assistance and the longevity of their systems.

On the other hand, there are players that nevertheless, due to their generalist nature, adopt price dumping and do not respect the value-added supply chain. These elements completely undermine the entire sector and dismiss the precious work of professionals such as yourself.

This is exactly what we DO NOT do.

Videx is finally the solution for all installers tired of generalist brands, tired of the commoditization of the products and skills. We guarantee advanced technologies, qualified distribution, constant guidance, stability and support over time thanks to our specialist approach.

This is our story

In 1986, the Videx plant opened in the heart of Marche and the production of intercom and video intercom solutions started: the production cycle is entirely based in Italy; from the supply chain of raw materials, to planning and design, up to the electronics. Being the manufacturers of every component of the devices that the professional will handle, guarantees continuity in the systems, durability and complete reliability, because nothing is entrusted to third parties. Over the years, internal Research & Development has assimilated technological innovations to shape and enhance the range of systems with an extremely focused and specialised approach.

Today, our focus guarantees high performance, cutting-edge solutions to meet the needs of the professional installer and system integrator who want the maximum in terms of installation and results, all with the guarantee of reliability that only a specialist can offer, combined with the prestige of innovation Made in Italy.

Our Systems

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