The integrated smart programmable thermostat is standard in the new 6700 video intercom

Do you want to control the temperature of your smart environments with an app?

You can do this with the new 6700 video intercom with integrated programmable thermostat: you don’t have to buy additional devices and you can get all the features you want on the free app.

Temperature control of residential or commercial environments is an important aspect of comfort and energy savings, which is why today there is a technological push to create systems to allow for its management at all times, even remotely.


You can turn the heat on before you get back home, so you can come home to the desired temperature, or turn it off after you leave, if you forgot.


However, until now, to have these convenient features, it has always been necessary to buy and install a special device, thus spending a lot more and also compromising interior aesthetics with an umpteenth device placed on the wall and an umpteenth app to download for use.


Finally, today you can manage temperature control directly from your video intercom with the new Videx 6700, which integrates a standard smart programmable thermostat for monitoring and controlling the temperature, locally and remotely.


You will not have to buy any other device, thus you will save money and also maintain harmonious environments, but, above all, you will be able to manage temperature control directly from your video intercom and remotely through a single, completely free Videx App, without licensing constraints.

What can you do with the 6700 video intercom with integrated programmable thermostat?

  • Remotely intervene via the app to adjust the programmable thermostat regardless of the set programming and ambient temperature.
  • Display the set temperature and the humidity percentage of the room.
  • Set and change default programs according to your habits through weekly management and by time bands.
  • Manage the thermostat functions from multiple mobile devices
  • Control of the features of multiple video intercoms installed within the same home and setting of the desired temperature for each area of the house*
  • Easily navigate between functions thanks to the graphical interface that recalls the one on smart devices used daily, making every operation intuitive and accessible to everyone.
  • If you have multiple 6700 video intercoms installed in different homes (e.g. main house and holiday home), you can manage the thermostat features of all devices directly from the same app.

*function available with subsequent updates

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