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The first plug & play
video intercom for FTTH GPON
multiservice systems

IPure is the first FTTH compatible video intercom system, which can be installed on GPON fibre networks in plug & play mode.
The IPure video intercom runs along other services on the same single fibre that reaches from the control unit to the housing unit, therefore no additional fibre or traditional wiring is necessary and no additional conversion devices are needed. This is possible because IPure is a native IP system and all devices are equipped with standard Ethernet interfaces, which allow for connection to other transmission media (e.g. non-GPON Ethernet-fibre bridge, radio links, powerline connections, etc.) even using standard transceivers.

The first
FTTH compatible
video intercom

FTTH technology brings fiber to the housing unit and, with IPure, you can use the same network infrastructure to interconnect common centralized systems, such as satellite TV, video surveillance, VoIP and video intercoms, without additional cabling.

Plug & Play installation
All other video intercom systems, to be installed in a system with FTTH GPON technology, require implementing separate wiring because they cannot run simultaneously with the other services along the same fibre that reaches the housing unit, thus forcing the need to have an additional local control unit and an additional dedicated fibre for the video intercom. On the other hand, IPure runs along the same fibre, so no other procedures are needed. IPure is standard Ethernet, therefore to install it in an FTTH GPON infrastructure, simply connect the outdoor station via UTP cable directly to the OLT, where other technologies also converge, and connect the indoor stations to the ONT/ONU via the same type of cable. No conversion devices or other accessories are required.
Unlimited functionality with full integration
IPure offers all the most advanced features thanks to the possibility of unrestricted integration with all third-party systems that run on FTTH GPON.
Infinite distances
Fibre optics have no distance limits, thus with IPure you can create complex, extensive systems unlike traditional analogue systems.
Easy and within everyone's reach
Forget the difficult operations for configuration of a 2-wire analogue system and complications of the digital systems proposed thus far. With the IPure Wizard software, you can configure the system in a flash using a simple wizard, even remotely.
No utility limit
With IPure there are no limits to the number of internal audio and audio/video devices that can be installed on the same FTTH infrastructure and in the same housing unit, allowing the creation of systems that provide an infinite number of external stations.
Saving time and labour costs
You can create a complete video intercom system on the same fibre optic infrastructure and with a single fibre cable up to the housing unit. The savings are considerable in terms of time and costs, even for the end user.
No license to use
All the features that characterise the IPure system in its maximum interoperability are available by default on each device, to allow professionals to integrate IPure with third-party systems without any restrictions or additional costs: home automation, VoIP telephony, video surveillance and security.
The system is open, scalable and implementable at any time
You can create a system made to measure for every need; it is also possible to make subsequent changes and additions at any time.
A free APP for remote management
The user can manage all the functions of the video intercom remotely through the Videx App, which can be downloaded free of charge: the extremely user friendly App is equipped with a navigation interface that references the devices used daily, so it is simple and intuitive for everyone.
Automatic software and firmware updates
Function updates are automatic, so the user can always have the new features available. System updates are compatible with all devices, even older ones.
Integrating condominium video surveillance
The new 6700 series video intercom, with plug & play installation in a FTTH GPON infrastructure, integrates with any brand condominium IP video surveillance system, and it is possible to query its video streams directly from the video intercom, both during conversation and in standby.

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