Videx App to manage all features remotely

The Videx App allows the user to always stay in touch with their home by managing the video intercom directly from any smart device: automatically, the App replicates exactly the same properties and functions of the video intercom to which it is linked.

This enables you to manage calls, activate services and verify who rang the intercom, inside and outside your home, with extreme ease.

Push notifications
All notifications are push enabled and appear even if the app is closed or the phone screen is locked.
In addition, the App shows the status of the devices (online, offline) and the status of each feature (on, off) to always have feedback on services.
Answer calls when you're away from home
You can answer from your smartphone wherever you are, whether in the office, on vacation or even if you don’t feel like getting up from the couch. And if you can’t even answer from your phone, you can check the list of calls to see if someone was looking for you and when, in addition to the history of calls received and made.
Open your home gate without a remote control
Do you want to let a loved one in, but they don’t have the keys and you’re not home? With just one touch, you can open the gate or another lock and allow entry to whoever you want, whenever you want, and also use this feature if you prefer not to use the remote control.

Manage multiple apartments and systems
With the Videx App there are no limits to the devices that you can control. You can link multiple video intercoms within the same system with the App. For example, on the lower and upper floors, or in several different systems, such as in your main house, holiday home or office. All video intercoms that you have linked with the App are automatically displayed on the main screen. You can control the features of the different devices without having to logout and then reconnect and, above all, you will never miss any calls.

Customizing access and service levels
In case of multiple video intercoms within the same system or in separate systems, you can customize the levels of access and use of the features depending on the user. For example, in your office you can have two video intercoms, one of which is set with reduced features that only open the door and you can decide to link the latter with your visitors App, thus preventing them from activating the additional features present on the other video intercom.

See what's happening near your home
Whether you’re out or at home, you can check your smartphone and view the outdoor station video intercom to see what’s happening.

Turn off features
If you want more privacy and wish not to be disturbed by phone calls or if you want to exclude a feature from the remote control, you can easily turn it off through the App. And if you change your mind, reactivate it whenever you want.


Download the Videx App

Videx App is free to download from the App Store and Google Play, does not require sensitive data for registration and is extremely stable, so you can be sure to have everything under control at all times.