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VX2300, the simplicity of the
2-wire system for endless

VX2300, the 2-wire non-polarized system extremely easy to install and rich in functionality
With the VX2300 you can create a video intercom system with the simplicity of 2 non-polarized wires, ideal even in case of renovations, thus reducing installation times. All the functions are standard and you can create complete systems of all the services that the user wants, maintaining the ease and accessibility of traditional 2-wire systems. The configuration is fast and no additional instrumentation is needed, moreover the dedicated App allows you to make all functions remote and manage them remotely.
Forget the limits of 2-wire systems, with the VX2300 all the functions are standard
With the VX2300, you have up to 8 additional actuations thanks to the BUS relay module installed on the column that gives you additional services to upgrade the system. The intercommunication is standard for communication between the indoor stations installed on the same column and inside the same housing unit (branch), even without an outdoor station and without resorting to additional devices.
Concierge switchboard
The concierge switchboard is the essential tool for all environments characterised by the presence of a concierge service, such as residential buildings or structures such as clinics, nursing homes and other contexts. The Videx concierge switchboard uses the Kristallo design, equipped with a table-top handset and a speakerphone (support is included).
Also ideal for renovations
The VX2300 2-wire system is ideal for adapting and upgrading video intercom systems, because it is possible to reuse existing cables, reducing installation times and avoiding problems related to masonry work. The floor leads are extremely small, therefore they can be installed in existing junction boxes, without further work.
Ease of installation and speed of configuration
The VX2300 system is easily configured via dip-switch and does not require additional instrumentation. For large systems you can resort to the use of dedicated software, guaranteeing short times and with the possibility of backup of all configurations, essential in case of maintenance. Both configuration modes can be performed comfortably even before installation on site, greatly reducing time and ensuring easy working conditions in the comfort of your home.
Calls and Services can be operated wireless through GSM 4G network

The system can be enriched with new wireless functions with interfacing on the 4G GSM network.
Users can receive calls on both landline and mobile phones and can easily operates locks and outputs remotely.
The solution is extremely scalable: with a single interface you can remote control up to 8 call stations and up to 8 access control devices.

The system can be composed of up to:

8 main outdoor stations
(audio and audio/video)
32 secondary entrances
(audio and audio/video)
3200 users
Maximum distance of 600 metres
Remote connection through 4G GSM interface

A dedicated App to manage all features remotely

The Videx App allows the user to always stay in touch with their home by managing the video intercom directly from any smart device: automatically, the App replicates exactly the same properties and functions of the video intercom to which it is linked. This enables you to manage calls, activate services, verify who rang the intercom, inside and outside your home, with extreme ease.

Download the VX2300 system catalogue

VX2300 catalogue