Download the catalogue of the first plug & play installable video intercom system on ftth gpon infrastructures

IPure is the first FTTH compatible video intercom system, which can be installed on GPON fibre networks in plug & play mode.

The IPure video intercom runs along other services on the same single fibre that reaches from the control unit to the housing unit, therefore no additional fibre or traditional wiring is necessary and no additional conversion devices are needed.

All other video intercom systems, to be installed in a system with FTTH GPON technology, require implementing separate wiring because they cannot run simultaneously with the other services along the same fibre that reaches the housing unit, thus forcing the need to have an additional local control unit and an additional dedicated fibre for the video intercom.

On the other hand, IPure runs along the same fibre, so no other procedures are needed.


You will have no distance or user limitations and you will be able to build complex, extensive systems without problems; You will be able to integrate IPure with other systems present without constraints to maximise performance and offer additional functions to the user, and you will have an open and scalable system to save time and labour costs.

Download the catalogue now to discover all the advantages of the IPure FTTH GPON plug & play video intercom.