Still have the usual intercom system with wires???

Say no to wiring for your intercom system!

The Videx GSM system is the first completely wireless intercom that allows you to say goodbye to wiring and greatly simplify installation.

Why continue to wire intercom systems?

Not only can it be impossible in some applications, such as locations characterised by long distances or subjected to constraints that prevent masonry work, but it is also inconvenient compared to a cable-free installation.

Our intercom system uses GSM technology for all functions; just install the GSM outdoor station and link it with the landline and mobile phone numbers through which you want to answer calls and activate outputs.


Simplified installation

The professional will be able to install the system quickly and without incurring any complications deriving from installing new cabling.



Costs are significantly reduced thanks to the elimination of wiring used and the fact that it is not necessary to install an indoor station.


Remote management

GSM technology allows for linking mobile phone numbers with the system to manage functions.

In addition, unlike the data network, the GSM 4G network ensures stable capillary coverage so remote management is always possible.


Built-in access control

The GSM wireless intercom includes a number of advanced features to allow for a complete, reliable access control system.

Say goodbye to wiring: with the first GSM wireless intercom you simplify installation, save on costs, always have guaranteed network coverage and you can count on an integrated access control system.

Starting today, the GSM system is available in kit format with an offer reserved to professionals: single-family and two-family, surface and recessed units and all expandable.