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IPure, the video
intercom system fully
interoperable with all
third-party systems

IPure: the first video intercom system 100% made in Italy that is fully interoperable with all third-party systems without any restrictions.
With IPure, integration has no limits and you can enjoy the freedom to choose the specialised security and automation systems and devices you prefer to create highly performing systems. The results will be truly integrated high-level solutions and performance to offer the user an experience at the forefront of technology and comfort.

This is why IPure is the ultimate solution to create integrated systems without any restrictions and with great performance.

There are many systems on the market that, although defined as IP, are not able to fulfil the primary functionality and purpose of this technology, that is, the free and total integration with third-party systems. On the one hand, the limitations that characterise them do not allow dialogue with third-party products and consequently the professional must use the same brand for all the systems that the latter intends to integrate into the system, without being able to freely choose based on preference. On the other hand, it is not possible to obtain the solutions and results desired by the user, who expects communication between systems aimed at increased comfort of use.

The first plug & play Video Intercom for FTTH GPON systems
IPure is the first plug & play video intercom system that can be installed on FTTH GPON infrastructures to create multi-service systems. In these systems, the IPure video intercom runs along other services on the same single fibre that reaches from the control unit to the housing unit: no additional fibre or traditional wiring is needed and no additional conversion devices or other accessories are needed.
No license to use
All the features that characterise the IPure system in its maximum interoperability are available by default on each device, to allow professionals to integrate IPure with third-party systems without any restrictions or additional costs.
Multi-protocol: SIP, RTSP, HTTP
SIP Protocol for interfacing with VoIP switchboards, which are now the most used in the business and hospitality field, and with Public Address sound broadcasting systems. RTSP Protocol for integration with IP video surveillance systems: you can view the video streams of the video cameras directly on the video intercom or pick up the video stream from the outdoor station to link it with the video surveillance system. HTTP to manage all outdoor and indoor station commands and services on third-party platforms.
Absolute integration without limits
IPure is a completely open video intercom system, based on standard IP network protocols; for this reason it is able to communicate with a variety of devices for optimal feature management and maximisation of the user experience. This is why IPure is the ultimate solution to create integrated systems without any restrictions and with great performance.


Ultra performance for larger more complex systems
IPure has no distance limits and no user limits, it is also an open, scalable and implementable system at any time.

All IPure system features

Infinite number of outdoor stations
With IPure you can freely install outdoor audio and audio/video stations without a number limit, therefore ideal for applications ranging from residential structures such as a condominiums, to larger, more complex structures such as a large residence.
No limit on indoor stations
In an IPure system you can install as many indoor stations as you want, without any limit, even in the same housing unit.


Simultaneous calls from outdoor stations to different indoor stations
Each outdoor audio and audio/video station on the system can call the desired extension even if a call to another extension is in progress.
Unlimited intercom communication
All the indoor stations installed on the same block/riser and also in different blocks/risers present on the same system can communicate with each other. Of course, intercommunication between indoor stations within the same housing unit is standard.
Standard Relay Services
For each outdoor station it is possible to activate 2 relay services for opening 2 gates, for example the driveway and the pedestrian gate, one of which with capacitor discharge capable of opening even the most cumbersome electric locks.
Infinite additional services
In addition to actuation of 2 standard outdoor relays, you can install CloudBox and multiply features. For example, the opening of a gate/ door where there is no outdoor station, lighting of staircases and any others you may wish.
Versatile wiring
With IPure you are free to choose the transmission support on which to base the construction of the plant: UTP/ STP, fiber optic, Wi-Fi.
Quick and easy setup
With IPure you have Wizard IPure, the free software that allows you to carry out the configuration of the system in an extremely fast and simple way.

Multiply system features
thanks toCloudBox

With CloudBox add all the features you want to the system and remote controls via App, even without the need to install an internal station.

IPure Wizard: the software for
quick and easy configuration

Forget the difficult operations for configuration of a 2-wire analogue system and complications of the digital systems proposed thus far. With the IPure Wizard software, configure the system in a flash using a simple wizard, even remotely.

The first plug & play video intercom
for FTTH GPON systems

IPure is the firstmodalità plug & play video intercom system that can be installed on
FTTH GPON infrastructures to create multi-service systems.

A dedicated App to manage all features remotely

The Videx App allows the user to always stay in touch with their home by managing the video intercom directly from any smart device: automatically, the App replicates exactly the same properties and functions of the video intercom to which it is linked. This enables you to manage calls, activate services, verify who rang the intercom, inside and outside your home, with extreme ease.

Download the IPure system catalogue

IPure catalogue