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GSM: the wireless
intercom system

The fully wireless intercom system that can be managed remotely, essential for cable-free installations.
The Videx GSM intercom system uses the 4G GSM network and does not require any wiring, which is why it is ideal in all those applications where it is impossible or inconvenient to run new cables. Simply install a Videx outdoor station with GSM technology to allow for communication between the station and any fixed or mobile network number, and wiring is no longer a problem.
Super-quick installation
To install a GSM intercom system you do not need any wiring or even an indoor station. The installation times are super quick and the savings are considerable.
A wireless intercom to create an access control system
It is possible to program fixed access codes for residents and temporary visitors, set time bands for access, use the standard RFID reader for access control, and receive notifications of certain events to monitor the status of the system. Thanks to a single system, this allows for all-in-one intercom management and access control, without any wiring and with the advantage of remote management.
Total network coverage for maximum reliability
The GSM network on which the system rests is extremely widespread and guarantees a secure connection in any situation, ensuring that calls are always received. The system uses the 4G network and, where it cannot be reached, it uses the 3G or 2G network.

All GSM system features

Dial to open
With this feature, it is possible to activate the pre-set opening of the gate remotely, through a simple call to the outdoor station. In order to activate this function, telephone numbers must be specifically enabled by including them (up to a maximum of 1000 per unit) in the appropriate list in the GSM Pro software. The numbers included in the list are enabled to call the outdoor station, which will recognise them and automatically activate opening of the gate/door.
Temporary Dial To Open
Allows for certain telephone numbers (up to 32 per user) to be enabled to open the gate/door for a limited time; for example, it is useful for managing access for occasional visitors, without having to manually de-authorise them. The function can be programmed via the GSM Pro software and also via SMS remotely after the system has been configured, as the need to temporarily enable a phone number usually arises sometime after installation.
Setting time bands
Through the GSM Pro software, it is possible to set the time bands within which to restrict access to certain cards and codes. It is used to manage the access of non-resident, but nonetheless recurring users, such as the gardener or the cleaning company.
Searchable event log
The system stores all system events, calls, and logins, with user details, up to a maximum 4000 entries. A list search can be filtered by setting a certain time frame, or a certain date and time, making searching extremely convenient and immediate.
Tag or numeric code access control
The modules of the 4000 Series push-button panel with GSM technology, both in the analogue and digital versions, are equipped with a standard RFID reader for access management by tag. The system can be implemented with additional access control modules (up to 7) with keypad, useful in the case of sites with multiple gates connected to the same system. For the digital panel and for the additional modules with a keypad, numerical access codes are also available.
Customising access and service levels
Thanks to this option, it is possible to determine the access level for each tag, code and phone number based on the time band settings of each individual reader in the system. For example, it is possible to set a certain tag to be enabled for access only for a certain pre-set time band and day of the week, and for one or more set gates/doors, excluding others.
3 inputs and 3 outputs available
The 4000 Series push-button panel is equipped with 3 programmable outputs to control services and actuations, such as, for example, turning on the lights or gate opener. The 3 outputs are also controllable via SMS with dedicated string when the system is in standby.
DTMF tones for feature activation during call
During conversation, the features associated with the 2 outputs can be controlled via the DTMF tones of the telephone keypad.

Always reachable, wherever you are, thanks to remote management

In addition to solving the wiring problem, the Videx GSM system offers the advantage of always being reachable and allowing for management of all the features wherever you are: the system can be linked to mobile phone numbers, as well as landlines, to manage functions with DTMF tones. It can also be fully remotely controlled via smartphone thanks to the SMS Wizard App.

Answering intercom calls
Activation of outputs
Monitoring of system status

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