Why is it important to install a FTTH multi-service system?

Other than mandatory obligations and advantages, there are various reasons why today it is important to install fibre optic systems in residential and non-residential buildings, find out what they are.

Obligation of the Unblock Italy Decree

The leading reason to install an FTTH multi-service system is the compulsory requirement imposed by Legislative Decree 133/2014, which establishes that all new buildings built or renovated after 1 July 2015 be enabled for high-speed ultra-wideband fibre optic connection.

The regulatory framework is now further detailed by the guidelines issued a few months ago by AGCOM, which clarify some important steps on the methods of execution, rights of condominium residents and everything there is to know.


Super-fast connection

The multi-service fibre system is advantageous because the connection is super fast, indispensable in the digital era.


It also integrates the video entry system

On the same network infrastructure you can connect many common centralised systems and make them interconnected with a single wiring, thus optimising work and costs: Satellite TV, video surveillance, VoIP telephony and, with IPure, also video intercom,


IPure is the first FTTH compatible video intercom system that is installed in a multi-service system using the same fibre infrastructure without the need for additional wiring, thus reducing wasting time and money.

Above all, the installation is plug & play: it is extremely simple and unlike all other systems, you do not need additional devices, converters or other interface devices.


All IPure devices are IP native and guarantee complete interoperability with third-party systems without any constraint, thus optimising performance and comfort of use: you can integrate it with IP video surveillance, intrusion detection, home automation and much more.

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