Gsm is the fully wireless intercom system that can be managed remotely, essential for cable-free installations

The Videx GSM intercom system uses the 4G GSM network and does not require any wiring, which is why it is ideal in all those applications where it is impossible or inconvenient to run new cables.

It is the most convenient and practical solution, for example for villas and residences separated by a gate with great distances, for locations of historical/architectural importance that cannot be subject to masonry work, for archaeological sites and many other cases.

Always reachable, wherever you are, thanks to remote management via the GSM app

In addition to solving the wiring problem, the Videx GSM system offers the advantage of always being reachable and allowing for management of all the features wherever you are: the system can be linked to mobile phone numbers, as well as landlines, and is entirely remotely controlled through the dedicated app that gives access to all functions.

  • Answering intercom calls
  • Activation of actuations
  • Monitoring of system status


What can you do with a wireless GSM system?

Dial To Open function (gate icon)

With this feature, it is possible to activate the pre-set opening of the gate remotely, through a simple call to the outdoor station.

Temporary Dial To Open (hourglass icon, or gate inside clock)

Allows for certain telephone numbers (up to 32 per user) to be enabled to open the gate/door for a limited time; for example, it is useful for managing access for occasional visitors, without having to manually de-authorise them.

Setting time bands within which to enable access (calendar icon)

Viewable event log (log icon)

The system stores all system events, calls, and logins, with user details, up to a maximum 4000 entries.

3 programmable outputs to control services and actuations, such as, for example, turning on the lights or gate opener.

DTMF tones for feature activation during call (telephone icon)