All the benefits of an ftth compatible video intercom

IPure is the first video intercom system that can be installed in an FTTH GPON infrastructure and ensures maximum integration with other systems to have many cutting-edge features.

In FTTH multi-service systems you have the possibility of interconnecting IPure video intercom with a variety of services including, internet connection, satellite TV and video surveillance.

This saves a lot of time and installation costs, but above all it allows you to enjoy unique features and services thanks to the power of the integration.


Integrating building video surveillance

The new 6700 series video intercom, with plug & play installation in a FTTH GPON infrastructure, integrates with any brand IP video surveillance system, and it is possible to view its video streams directly from the video intercom, both during conversation and in standby.


Concierge switchboard

IPure integrates the SIP client both on indoor and outdoor stations, this makes it possible to create an open IP video intercom system and integrate it with a VoIP control unit of any brand to be used as the concierge switchboard.


Infinite features with CloudBox

The innovative CloudBox is the first device that makes it possible to add an infinite number of services and accessories to the IPure system: door or gate opening, lights on, irrigation activation, roller shutter management and much more.

An unlimited number of CloudBoxes can be installed in the system, so the features available are endless and can be managed remotely via the Videx App.

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