System VX2300 for Savada 3


System VX2300 for Savada 3, Belgrade

Savada 3 is a majestic complex of residential apartments and commercial premises, the quintessential expression of low-impact architectural modernism, making it the perfect setting for peaceful family life.

Savada 3 is strategically located at the end of one of the oldest roads along the river that runs through Belgrade; despite its importance, today it is a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

In just a few minutes it leads to the river Sava with its relaxing paradise of greenery, and slightly further on, to the natural expanse of the Zemunski quay: Savada 3 is a residential complex rich in services and immersed in peaceful nature, for quality of life.

Savada 3 consists of 195 prestigious apartments and 48 equipped and spacious commercial premises, built with ecological materials to reach the high energy class B+ and completed with the latest technologies to ensure superlative comfort for residents and visitors.

All Savada 3 apartments feature innovative installations, which is why they have been fitted with VX23000: the high performance video intercom system that provides cutting edge technological functionality with just 2 non-polarised wires.

The complex develops across 3 majestic towers, requiring the installation of a concierge switchboard, an essential prerequisite for all buildings with numerous blocks and apartments providing a doorman service, just like Savada 3.


For the Savada 3 video intercom installation, operated by the VX2300 system, the concierge switchboard features the refined Kristallo design, with table-top handset and speakerphone with base included.

The concierge switchboard for the VX2300 system enriches any doorman service with essential functionalities and provides additional services for residents.

With its back-lit keyboard and capacitative touch screen, the switchboard is fitted with 2 buttons for direct functions, the activation and deactivation of day-night functions, with speakerphone mode provided by the answer button.


Direct communication between 2 apartments or premises is also possible, as well as the activation of automatic selective switch-on of property entry points, for enhanced security.


There are 2 power options: Bus or local, with 12 Vcc; bus relay activation is also possible, for up to 8 available automation functions, for example for switching on staircase or outdoor lights, or opening pedestrian and vehicle entry points.


Series 6300 video intercoms were installed in the apartments of Savada 3, characterised by full-duplex speakerphone execution with professional audio quality.

The ultra-compact design makes it ideal for all applications, especially for luxury interiors featuring a modern and understated design, like those of Savada 3.


Moreover, thanks to the technology of system VX2300, intercommunication and Bus relay activation are standard.

VX2300 Videx for Savada 3: cutting edge technology at the service of living comfort.


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