The GSM system for a complex
installation in the heart of Catania


The GSM system for a complex installation in the heart of Catania

Our wireless GSM system was chosen by the professional installation company Giglio for several residential condominiums in the heart of Catania, where it was necessary to renovate the existing intercom system.

In these cases, it was not possible to redo the intercom system anew, as it would have been necessary to rewire the entire system thus incurring exorbitant costs for the user and very long installation times that would have caused considerable inconvenience.

The Videx GSM system is wireless and without an internal station, therefore the company, Giglio, together with its trusted dealer, Starsystem, was able to build the system quickly and easily and, above all, saving considerably on materials.

The installation times were extremely fast: Giglio only took 2 hours to complete the entire installation compared to the average 15 days usually needed for a traditional 2-wire system, given the time needed to coordinate access to each apartment with all the condominium owners, and install the internal stations one by one.

In addition, the systems created may be controlled remotely via the dedicated App, SMS Wizard, with the ability to link mobile phone numbers, while non-tech-savvy users may use a traditional landline.

The work completed by Giglio is another example of the extraordinary advantages you can have with the wireless GSM intercom system.

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