The 4G GSM system to
solve the Cyclops Wharf case


Learn how our GSM intercom system can solve wiring problems and offer access control features.

Residents of a luxury London apartment complex were worried about problems with access control management and chose Videx’s GSM system to resolve the situation.


The Cyclops Wharf needs

Cyclops Wharf is an elegant residential complex in East London, consisting of 180 luxury apartments and 24 stable-style houses, surrounded by 4 external gates and spread over 7 blocks.

In addition to individual entry and access control for residents, it is also necessary to provide access control for couriers, delivery companies and visitors’ calls.

Precisely because of its layout and the need for services, an intercom system is needed that optimises wiring and offers access management in a safe and flexible way, that is easy to use and quick to customise according to new needs.

Depending on the size of the system, the number of residents and the level of access control required, the installation company has chosen to use our GSM 4G system, because it can manage such a complex system: no wiring is required for installation and the call and access control features are advanced and available remotely.


The final choice

Steve Cheung – Director of Nimata UK, the installation company – has stated that by installing 4G Videx GSM, management costs for residents have been significantly reduced compared to the previous wired telephone system that entailed much higher charges and vast customisation limits.

Nimata UK has chosen the Videx system because it is the most specialized company in video intercom and access control systems, which ensures the greatest performance and reliability of the devices and optimal results for professionals and end users.

“Videx’s 4G GSM system is technologically advanced, forward-looking and offers many cutting-edge features to support technological developments” Steve Cheung – Nimata UK.

Our 4G GSM intercom system guarantees an extremely affordable and highly customisable solution for any need, as in the case of Cyclops Wharf, combining versatility and safety.

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