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Art. 2815

Wiegand to RS-485 converter

A wiegand to RS-485 converter that allows the connection of 3rd party proximity readers or keypads which operate on the wiegand protocol to connect onto an RS-485 bus. It is compatible with other Videx devices which incorporate an RS-485 bus connection including the 4G GSM system. When connected via the RS-485 bus it can be integrated as part of an access control network with other RS-485 devices (4G GSM modules that incorparates an RS-485 bus, 2813 remote relays, 4903 keypads and 4850R proximity readers). It has a single switched 0V auxiliary output (AO) that can be used to trigger a relay which can be activated by a signal on the RS-485 bus or via the switched 0V auxiliary input (PE). When setup as the same device ID as the 2813 remote relay connected on the same RS-485 bus it will operate the remote relay’s built-in relay. It also incorporates 1 set of wiegand inputs (LR, LG, D0 and D1) and 1 RS-485 bus connection to connect to the RS-485 devises described above. It can be configured via the internal dip-switches which includes: auxiliary output times (1 ... 15 seconds or 0 for latch mode), up to 16 device IDs (ID.00 ... ID.15), keypad access code length and wiegand protocol type to match the 3rd party devices wiegand protocol. Operating temperature -20°/+60°C. Power supply 12Vdc ± 10%/10mA. Dimensions: 66x60x22mm.
Technical specifications
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