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Art. 2813

RS-485 remote relay

A networkable RS-485 remote relay. It is compatible with other Videx devices which incorporate an RS-485 bus connection including the 4G GSM system. When connected via the RS-485 bus it can be integrated as part of an access control network with other 2813 remote relays or with 4903 keypads and 4850R proximity readers. It incorporates 1 standard C-NO-NC clean contact relay (max 24V AC/DC - 3A), 2 open collector outputs (A1 and A2) and 1 push to exit button input. 1 RS-485 bus connection to connect to any 4G GSM module that incorparates an RS-485 bus connection. Programming is carried out via the internal dip-switches including relay and auxiliary times (01 ... 63 seconds or 00 for latch mode) and up to 64 device IDs (ID.00 ... ID.63). It can also be setup to mirror the relay and auxiliary outputs of a compatible 4G GSM module, 4903 keypad or 4850R proximity reader allowing for a Secured by Design configuration. Operating temperature -20°/+60°C. Power supply 12Vdc ± 10%/35mA. Dimensions: 66x60x22mm.
Technical specifications
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