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Art. VR4902

Vandal resistant 1000 code stand-alone access control module with numeric keypad

The module features 12 buttons backlit keypad (Keys 0 - 9, ENTER and CLEAR) and 2 LED’s for progress information during use and programming. The codelock unit module has 2 built-in dry contact relays which can be used to enabling up to 2 independent services (door-open, gate-open etc.) by typing in the programmed access codes (up to 1000) followed by enter. Acoustic and visual (green and red LED’s) confirm the use and the programming operations. This module can be used individually or combined with other modules in a network and can also be included on an audio or video door entry system. Main features 2 dry contact relay outputs, normally open & normally closed (24Vac/dc – 3A max); 1000 Programmable 8 digit access codes: each code can be set to activate relay 1, relay 2 or both; Each relay can be set to activate for a specific time (01 to 255 seconds) or to work in a latch mode; Two active low inputs to trigger relay 1 and 2 (Push to exit inputs); Keypad programming menu protected by a 4-8 digit programmable secret code; Visual and Acoustic signalling during operation and programming; Keypad illumination LEDs; PC programming facility (using specific software and RS-485 or USB cable); Two operating modes: Standard as standalone codelock or VNET LITE network with RS485 bus; Network as serial codelock unit connected via RS-485 to a remote control unit Art. 1050 or Art. 1052;
Installation instructions