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Art. 4901/M

Stand-alone access control module with numeric keypad

Stand-alone access control module. Backlighting of the 12 buttons with blue LEDs, 2 LEDs for status/operation alerts. 3 relays with contacts C, NC, NO (24V AC/DC - 2A) programmable for temporary activation (01 ... 99 seconds) or for switching operation. Configuration of 3 codes that can be combined with each relay. 2 PTE inputs (active/low) to directly control relays 1 and 2. Acoustic and visual alerts during operation. Vandal resistant plate with IK07 and IP65 protection rating. Operating temperature -20°/+60 °C. Power supply 12/24V AC/DC. Keyboard programming. Dimensions: 103x120x43 mm. Encumbrance 1 module.
Technical design
Installation instructions