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    2 inputs - 2 outpus IP relay module.

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    Art.2505 is an IP relay with two built-in relay and two active low inputs plus serial interface RS-485 for interfacing with other automation devices.
    Thanks to the PoE feature, the relay allows to make remote services with the only requirement of an ethernet cable.
    It allows additional remote services, the door panel relay replication (i.e. for safety connection of locks) and bell repeater operating mode which allows to connect additional sounder or blinker (i.e. for deaf persons).
    Besides, “CLOUDBOX” mode allows the user to use Videx CloudNected APP without a videophone.

    Main features

    • 10/100 Mbit Ethernet interface
    • 12Vdc power supply or PoE
    • Two dry contact (C, NC, NO) relays operating as standard, latch or pulse mode
    • 2 active low programmable inputs
    • RS-485 interface for home automation purposes
    • Encrypted communication
    • VIDEX MAC addresses
    • Connection via LAN, WAN or private network
    • RJ45 ethernet connection
    • Videx app available for tablets and smartphones
    • Two direct relay activation buttons
    • Bootloader mode (for firmware update recovery purposes)
    • Replication mode “door relay”
    • Sounder repeater operating mode
    • Lift control operating mode (in development stage)
    • CLOUDBOX operating mode
    Device type Ethernet relay
    Relays 2 (C, NC, NO)
    Inputs 2 (Active Low)
    Programmings Activation Time
    Relay Operating Mode (Standard, Sounder Repeater Lift mode*)
    *In development stage
    Mounting Surface wall mount
    Power supply 12Vdc or PoE standard IEEE 802.3af Class 0