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Art. VR4KGSM/4G-2

Vandal resistant 2-button audio module for GSM system

4000 Series IK09 2-button audio module for GSM system, 4G/3G/2G connection, 1 built-in microphone, 1 built-in 8Ohm/2W speaker, 1W class D amplifier. Full-duplex audio (AEC) feature with digital noise/disturbance reduction. Possibility to locally connect a door opening button. Connection via terminal board of optional button modules for a total of 24 push-buttons. 3 LEDs for visual alert of system status: busy, call in progress, open communication and open door. Configurable door opening time and conversation. 1 standard C-NO-NC clean contact relay (max 24V AC/DC - 2A), 1 open collector output, 2 auxiliary inputs. Adjustable microphone and speaker levels. Microphone to be housed in the specific compartment of the module holder frames that allows for better sound output even in noisy environments, also eliminating any Larsen effect issues. 4 telephone numbers (1 primary, 3 diverts) to be combined with each call/user button. Up to 1,000 users with dial to open feature. 4,000 local and unlimited event logs with remote access. Satin-finished AISI 316 stainless steel plate (marine grade) that provides durability in installations subject to atmospheric agents and in the vicinity of marine environments. Vandal resistant plate with IK09 and IP65 protection rating. Operating temperature -20°/+60°C. Power supply 12Vcc / 12Vac ± 10%/400mA. Simplified device configuration via GSMPRO software locally or remotely, or via SMS. Requires installation of antenna Cod. 434. Dimensions: 103x120x43mm. 1 module.
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