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Art. VR4901

Vandal resistant stand-alone access control module with numeric keypad

The module features 12 buttons backlit keypad (Keys 0 - 9, ENTER and CLEAR) and 2 LED’s for progress information during use and programming. With three integral relays each with common, normally open and normally closed connections and two inputs to enable the external triggering of relays one and two (for example, push to exit button). Key presses are signalled both acoustically and visually while each button press has a tactile feel. Entering the correct code followed by ENTER will activate the relevant relay. Programming is carried out through the same keypad following a simple programming menu. The module can be combined with other 4000 Series modules in an audio or video intercom system. Main features 3 C, NC, NO relay outputs (24Vac/dc – 3A max); 3 Programmable secret codes (one for each relay); Each relay can be set to be activated for a specific time (01 to 99 seconds) or to work as latch; Two active low inputs to command directly the relay 1 and 2; Programming menu guarded by a 4-8 digit programmable engineer’s code; Visual and Acoustic signal during operating and programming; Keypad illumination LEDs;
Installation instructions