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Art. KRV772/B

Full-duplex 7” video intercom with speakerphone

Intelligent Hands free video monitor for the VX2200 digital system using a 7” 800x480 pixel resolution full colour active matrix LCD monitor with capacitive touch sensitive buttons for “door open/concierge call” , “answer/camera recall”, “service button“, “privacy” plus 4 buttons for adjustment and programming and 2 LED’s related to the videophone operation. 2 LED’s indicating the door open/close status (requires an additional wire) and the activation/deactivation of the privacy are also inclusive. The videomonitor includes an intercommunication facility (available only between the Kristallo range of videophones and intercoms) that enables intercommunication between devices in the same apartment (same PHONE ID but different extension address) or between devices installed in different apartments (different PHONE ID). Programming and settings are available through the touch buttons. Adjustable speech and melody volume, picture brightness and hue, programmable number of rings, aux service duration, privacy service duration, melody and the extension ID for intercommunication.
Technical design
Installation instructions