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Art. KRA76/W

Full-duplex speakerphone intercom with handset

Intelligent Hands free intercom for the VX2200 digital system with touch sensitive buttons for “door open/concierge call”, “answer/camera recall”, “privacy” and “service” plus 4 buttons for volume adjustment and programming plus 4 LEDs related to the intercom operation. For the surface version only (Art. KRA76), a handset can also be used in addition to the handsfree mode. The following programmable options are available: Call tone volume. Speech volume. Intercom address (from 1 to 180). Privacy duration (from 30 minutes to 20 hours or unlimited). Call melodies (9 available). Number of rings (from 1 to 9). Intercommunication mode/ Extension ID (from firmware release 2.0 and later). Additionally the Kristallo has an input for local door bell and alarm.
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