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Art. 6388

Full-duplex 3.5” video intercom with speakerphone

6200 series video intercom for VX2300 full-duplex speakerphone system, 3.5” LCD TFT monitor, 4 tactile buttons for preset functions: conversation, call rejection, auto-power on, door opener, intercom call, camera switching, privacy service and remote relay activation Cod. 2305. Local call input. Adjust contrast, brightness, call volume and privacy. Multiple intercom function through dedicated button for up to 4 devices in the same column or junction box. Device configuration via dip-switch. White ABS material. Power supply from BUS or optional 12Vdc with Cod. 323/12. Dimensions: 102x182x27mm. Wall-mounted, optional table base cod. 63931.
Technical design
Installation instructions