Videx sponsor of Albiqual event dedicated to IP systems on multiservice infrastructure

Last month was held the Albiqual Bergamo section, dedicated to IP systems on multi-service infrastructure and on this occasion dedicated to professionals in the sector we presented our IPure video intercom system.

IPure is the first 100% made in Italy video intercom system that can be integrated in plug & play mode on a multi-service infrastructure.

 In the Multiservice system, the IPure video intercom system e travels along with the other services on the same single fibre that goes from the power station to the living unit: No additional fiber or traditional wiring is required and no additional conversion devices or other accessories are required.

This is possible because IPure is a native IP system and all devices are equipped with standard Ethernet interfaces, which allow connection even using standard transceivers to other transmission media (e.g. non GPON ethernet-fiber bridge, radio bridges, powerline connections, etc.).

To install IPure in a PON network infrastructure simply connect the outdoor station via UTP cable directly to the OLT, where the other services also converge, and connect the indoor stations to the ONT via the same type of cable.

With IPure you can build a complete video intercom system on the same fiber optic infrastructure in and with a single cable of fiber up to the housing unit, the configuration is extremely simple, moreover the saving is remarkable in terms of time spent and costs, also for the end user.

To find out more about IPure system download the complete catalogue now