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Elegance, Exclusivity,
No Limits Integration

This is

Klass is a prestigious device, a super-stylish video intercom featuring ultra-slim design and 3mm glass finish
LCD IPS 7” display, with 1.024 x 600 px resolution, offers a wide and sharp view of video streams and available functions.
Capacitive touch screen monitor includes a high-resolution front camera up to 1080p, enabled during intercommunication with another Klass monitor.

Handset available

Klass is full-duplex hands-free assuring a high-level phonic performance and – for those wishing for more privacy – an additional handset is available, featuring plug & play quick-connect and magnetic cradle.

No Limits


Klass is built on IPure technology, supporting standard protocols used for integration with third party systems, with no additional license fees.


Protocol for integration with IP video surveillance systems.


Protocol for interfacing with VoIP switchboards and with Public Address systems.


To manage all outdoor and indoor station commands and services on third-party platforms.

Klass uses embedded Linux for maximum reliability and includes a built-in browser for full interoperability with third parties.

A Wi-Fi dongle module is available for alternative connection to the local network.

Security for
your Spaces

Klass manages up to 64 IP camera streams and camera switching function is available: during conversation, by a simple touch on the screen or on the button, you can choose the camera you want to view – in addition to the door station’s.

Moreover, you can prioritize the stream you prefer during a conversation.

Reliable and Complete

Klass features 8 soft touch buttons.

All buttons – including the preset ones – are freely configurable to manage the functions you prefer.

2 inputs and 2 outputs are included to manage services, both locally and through the Videx App.

4 preset buttons
Conversation and auto power on, door opener, menu, privacy.

4 numbered buttons
for additional services.

Smart & Comfort

Built-in sensors can be integrated with third party systems and devices to trigger many automations

Ambient light sensor for automatic brightness and theme adjustment.

Proximity sensor allowing automatic screen power-on as the user gets closer.

Temperature and humidity sensor to manage room temperature.

All the available functions can be remotely managed through the Videx app: no configuration is needed and in a snap you can have everything under control when you’re not home

Answer calls
Open the gate
Manage room temperature
Custom access to services
Camera switch to view other camera streams
Manage all other additional services integrated with other systems and devices

Ultra-slim design

3mm glass finish

LCD IPS 7” display, 1.024 x 600 px resolution

Up to 1080p high-res front camera

Surface mounting

Full-duplex handsfree, handset available as optional

Capacitive touch screen

PoE or 12 Vdc power

Optional Wi-Fi dongle module for connection to local network

Managing up to 64 IP camera streams

Camera switching available both locally and remotely

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