Two dedicated applications for management of the GSM system remotely

SMS Wizard

It is the application dedicated to the end user that allows for managing all features conveniently remotely, downloadable free-of-charge from the App Store and Google Play without any registration and profiling required.

SMS Wizard PRO

It is the installer application that includes features and services for professionals, in addition to all the functions available in the user App. It can be downloaded free-of-charge from the App Store and Google Play and requires the creation of an account.

App FeaturesSMS WizardSMS Wizard Pro
Program push-button / apartment call numbersyesyes
Program Dial To Open numbersyesyes
Program permanent and temporary access codes (for module 4903)yesyes
Program multiple proximity tagsyesyes
Program call times, divert times, relay activation times
Assign DTMF tone to push-button 1 / deviation 1noyes
Program time bands for calls and free access time bandsyesyes
Assign access levels for Dial To Open, numeric codes, and proximity tagsyesyes
Setting and managing of unlimited number of sites each with multiple systemsnoyes
Archiving of site specific details (including contact details and address)noyes
General settings (including firmware verification)yesyes
Advanced Settingsnoyes
Real-time monitoringyesyes
Diagnostic tool to test GSM during installation and maintenancenoyes
Access to updated manualsnoyes
Sharing settings with multiple smart devicesnoyes