Videx's VX2200 digital system is the most “versatile” system in the range, its flexibility enables it to be used on installations with 1 entrance and 1 apartment through to multiple entrance, multiple block systems with up to 1000 apartments and concierge facilities.


This system uses a two wire common bus for audio installations and 6 wires for audio/video installations.


Outdoor stations can be speaker units with functional to digital interface allow to connect traditional call buttons to the digital system or digital panels that can call up to 1000 apartments/users. Digital panels can also include integrated coded access and proximity (RFID) technologies allowing for each apartment/user to use a code and/or proximity key to gain entry.


  • Easy to install.
  • Simple to program (through front panel keypad or PC).
  • “2 wire” common bus for intercom systems, “6 wire” for videophone systems with centralized power supply.
  • Excellent quality audio and video.
  • Privacy of speech and lock release.
  • Direct calling of up to 998 flats with intercoms/videophones and 2206N units (180 flats each 2206N).
  • Multi level facility.
  • Multi entrance facility (up to 10 entrances for each level).
  • All peripherals are intelligent and can be connected directly to the bus.
  • Back up battery facility.
  • Digital Front Panel with numerical keypad and display with the ability for all users to have their own unique access code. The access code can have up to six digits and is blind to onlookers.
  • Digital Front Panel with RFID technology.
  • Functional panel interface available.
  • Digital concierge facility (IP Version available).


Digital System “Two wire” audio BUS - “Six wire” video bus


Digital System “Two wire” audio bus - “Six wire” video BUS


Digital System “Two wire” audio BUS - “Six wire” video bus Floor wiring using 316C and Cat.5/6/7 Cable