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    Art. 4202

    Digital call panels for VX2200 digital systems.

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    Digital call panels for VX2200 digital systems (2 wire bus audio, 6 video).

    In addition to the speaker unit functions, the panel includes a 2×16 Characters LCD display with blue back light , the illumination LEDs for the keypad plus a keypad with 15 buttons of which 3 are used for the repertory name, 10 are numeric buttons (0..9) plus “ENTER” and “CLEAR” buttons. The panel has the speech board facility (optional chip installation) to supply audio messages in addition to written messages provided from the display.
    These panels are compatible with the 4000 series modular system and in each version (audio or audio/video) they have the size of two 4000 Series modules. The front panel finishes are the same as for the 4000 Series Modules. Complementing all digital door panels manufactured by Videx is the ability for all users to have their own unique access code. The access code can have up to six digits and is blind to onlookers.

    Available finishes:

    • Mirror finish stainless steel (standard)
    • Anodized aluminum
    • High Brass PVD*

    To order finishes other than the standard, suffix the product code with “/A” for anodized aluminium or “/HB” for the high brass finish.

    * The PVD technology is impervious in environment impact and allows to coat objects with a thin metallic film of highest performances. The PVD fundamental characteristics are: extreme superficial hardness, resistance to corrosion, wear and tear, unalterably to UV light and unassailable from solvents and acids.