New 4833, Audio/Video Speaker units for “6 Wire” Videokit VK4K range

The VK4K series videokits offers a number of new operating features and allows greater exibility for installation.

  • Up to 4 outdoor stations with 2 call push buttons calling 2 independent apartments;
  • Up to 3 peripheral devices connected in parallel to each videophone (additional extension sounder, telephone handset etc.);
  • Disability Friendly - Acoustic & Visual signalling of the system status (busy, call in progress, conversation in progress and door open signalling);
  • Recall (selective entrance recall on systems with 2 or more outdoor stations);
  • Intercommunication between internal videophones;
  • "Local bell" call tone which is different from the external push button call tone;
  • Videophone incorporates “Privacy” On/Off facility (with either latched or timed activation of privacy);
  • Programmable Call conversation and door opening times;
  • Dry relay contacts for electric lock;
  • Power supply can be connected to the videophone or the outdoor station.

Now available also in "X" version with built in proximity key reader that can store up to 30 keys.