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    New video speaker units Art.4284 & 4284X

    1 May 2019 | Products

    Videx is glad to introduce the new video camera Art.4284 (4284X also available) specific for the VX2200 digital system (Audio 2 wire bus and video 6 wire bus).

    As the previous version Art.4283, this new model also allows the user to set the video mode (balanced signal on 2 wires or composite video signal on coax cable); two operation modes for the open-door relay (dry contact and capacitive discharge) and to set the “lock time” and the conversation time. It also introduces new major features:

    • Easily connects to button expansion modules 4042, 4043, 4044 and 4045 through flat cables.
    • Proximity reader up to 60 keys (standard mode) or 1000 keys (advanced mode)*.
    • Wiegard interface to be used combined with other access controls*.
    • RS485 interface to program the module via software*.

    * Only 4284X.

    In order to use this module with traditional button expansion modules 4842, 4843, 4844 and 4845 and related double buttons versions, there is an adapter, Art.428 that allows to connect up to 40 buttons.

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