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    IP devices firmware updating

    1 July 2019 | Products

    In July 2019 we haver release the  4512, 4533 and 6296 firmware updating, which introduces a new feature for the management of users, access code and proximity key.

    Access codes and proximity keys are connected to the users management feature for future access controls expansion.

    Also, speaker unit 4533 and monitor 6296 firmwares have been updated; indeed the units included in kits can now allow the user to reset to factory defaults, this operation mode can start the kit with the factory settings, without using a computer, the configuration will re-establish the video phone working without programming via computer.

    Art.6296 has also introduced a preliminary feature to manage the inputs and outputs of the device:

    • When the IN1 input has been activated or during a call (ring) relay 1 of the video phone is activated (terminal OUT1). For example when you use an extra bell or a blinker for hard hearing peoplee.
    • When IN2 terminal is activated , the video phone transmits the command to activate Relay 1 of the outdoor panel to which it is connecting (ring or conversation). This feature can be used, after disactivating the open door button (key), to enable to open the door through an external unit like a digital panel or a proximity key reader.

    The firmware in the outdoor panels has been enhanced indeed remote calls are more performing.

    App can be updated via their related iOS and Google Play markets while the updated firmwares can be downloaded from the web site