Art. 4802

Digital GSM door panel for up to 1000 apartments with letters A-F

Digital GSM door panel for up to 1000 apartments with 2x16 Character LCD display with blue back light, illumination LED’s for the keypad and keys 0-9 Enter and Clear along with letters A-F. Also included is the speech board to announce key presses and call progress information and USB interface for programming (PC Software and lead sold separately).
Available finishes:
  • Mirror finish stainless steel (standard)
  • Anodized aluminum
  • High Brass PVD*
To order finishes other than the standard, suffix the product code with “/A” for anodized aluminium or “/HB” for the high brass finish.

* The PVD technology is impervious in environment impact and allows to coat objects with a thin metallic film of highest performances. The PVD fundamental characteristics are: extreme superficial hardness, resistance to corrosion, wear and tear, unalterably to UV light and unassailable from solvents and acids.
Product Lines
4000 Series Outdoor
Intercom Systems , Gsm System
Product Type
Dig. Audio Call Panel
Main Feature
Modular Mounting